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DILO is the world leader in SF6 maintenance equipment and gas tight couplings. As an intricate part of DILO Company Inc., DILO Direct offers the same level of safe, environmentally conscious & quality services that DILO has provided for over 50 years as a manufacturer of SF6 technologies.

Environmental and financial accountability of SF6 gas management is a top priority for its users.  DILO Direct offers services to support SF6 users in North and Central America that meet and exceed current Green House Gas (GHG) regulations. Those services include:

  • Equipment Service
  • Recovery System Rentals
  • On-Site recovery, Operators & Testing
  • Recycling Services
  • Gas Management
  • SF6 Safety & Handling Classroom Training

All DILO Direct Field Technicians are EH&S trained to work with SF6 Gas in electrical substation, power plant, and industrial environments. Our performance is based on the years of safety and a deep understanding of the environmental footprint of SF6 Gas.

DILO Direct main offices are located in Odessa FL. For the convenience of our Western USA based customers, DILO Direct has a service center located just outside Phoenix AZ in Casa Grande. DILO also has a network of local agents and representatives in and around our national and international coverage areas.

Whether through equipment rentals, on-site and off-site services and support, or through field personnel training, let our experience work for you.

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